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General trading conditions

1. Agreement

The agreement is confirmed with entrance of the reservation/booking (e-mail). Special agreements require an express confirmation from our site.

2. Payment

With receipt of the written reservation confirmation the pre-payments become, as follows due:

with receipt of the reservation/booking following payment-rules:
a) 50 % deposit of the total price per vacation home. After deposit your reservation is obligatory on us. If the deposit is not received within 10 working days after receipt of the reservation/booking, we are entitled to cancel the reservation/booking without notice.

b) the balance is to be paid 4 weeks prior to travel. Should the balance not be as agreed (after warning), we are entitled to book for other guests at the apartment. In this case, the booking will be canceled without notice and the deposit forfeited thus at the expense of the guests! We ask you, in terms of our planning security for your understanding.

3. Changes

Holiday Hinterreiter/ Rene Seifert is entitled for organizational reasons to give you (to change it in) an another equivalent vacation home in the house.

4. Cancellation resignation conditions

0 – 30 days before travel beginning = 100% cancellation fee and
31-60 days before travel beginning = 50% cancellation fee and
61-90 days before travel beginning = 25% cancellation fee of the agreed upon total amount.
We recommend to always lock therefore a cancellation resignation insurance.

5. House regulation

When unable to comply with the house rules we have the right to terminate without notice the booking and instruct the guests to vacate the apartment immediately. These include violations against the houserules particulary the night’s sleep, abuse of the apartment in general and the institution.

6. Other adhesion

Holiday Hinterreiter/ Rene Seifert does not take over any adhesion for each kind of value-objects from guests in our house/apartments, or before the house was turned off or deposited. The use of the terrace as well as staircase house take place on own danger. Parents are responsible for your children!

7. Other regulations:

The above conditions apply, unless individual arrangements have been made.

Area of jurisdiction is HR-52210 Rovinj.